Background on EMI

  • Attracted a highly experienced board of directors in order to achieve its investment objectives, with a balance of complementary expertise and skill-sets.
  • Established a team of geological experts and consultants in Mexico to assist with the identification and analysis of investment opportunities.
  • Established an operating subsidiary in Mexico in order to process investment opportunities on a timely and efficient basis.
  • Established the Company’s systems and controls in the UK and Mexico in order to maximise efficiencies and the effectiveness of the business processes.
  • Raised funds from the directors to establish the Company and its operations.


The investment strategy of Energy Minerals Investments is focused towards the identification and acquisition of companies, businesses, projects or assets which:

  • Exhibit a pre-existing resource base or a prospective resource which offers the potential for near-term cash flow and development success.
  • Can be funded adequately to be able to deliver a realistic plan of achieving credible milestones and significant growth opportunities for shareholders.
  • Are run by management with a strong track record of generating growth for shareholders and a proven experienced business record.
  • Have solid commercial prospects within the mining sector.
  • Produce products that can be sold into established markets and industrial sectors.
  • Are within fast developing mining friendly countries with a strong focus on protecting investors’ interests and low sovereign risk.